We were given the opportunity to send in pictures of us as a family and have a lovely book made by

As a family, books are very important to us, both my boys have heaps on their strained bookshelves and we enjoy ending the day with a bedtime story (or two or three depending on how much the boys try and push their luck!). But for us all to actually appear in a book and for the boys to have their names feature is quite something else.

Ordering the book was a very easy process, with clear instructions when personalising, showing correct and incorrect pictures. All of which helped ensure we got a splendid book through the post.

We picked the Amazing Family – child + sibling for £17.50. The boys were so excited to see themselves as superhero’s and grinned like mad cheshire cats!

I think hubbie was quite pleased too seeing my picture on top of a skinny tightly clad lyrca wearing lady!

Eldest laughed at my X-ray vision super powers in the story, as I was keeping an eye through the walls as his character was meant to be sleeping. But as he was actually hidden in a tent reading a comic and munching on snacks, eldest thought that was hilarious. Hope he is not getting any crafty ideas of his own…

I would definitely recommend this company for their wonderful books, you can purchase a wide assortment of themes on their website, so there will be something to appeal to every child. Here’s hoping if you fill them with so much wonder and awe from seeing themselves in print that you might just get away with one bedtime story… it worked for us tonight!!!

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  1. What a great idea for a present and for bedtime reading. My kids love looking at photographs of themselves, so being the characters in a book would be perfect for them.

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