Jelly Belly Review

Jelly Belly

We were sent the impressive 600g 50 flavour box to review (RRP £22.98).  This is definitely a gift for any Jelly Belly connoisseur.  You can savour the taste of lots of amazing flavours. I have been able to get hubbie to do a wide range of chores by dangling a Jelly Belly bean in front of him.

As a parent it is very reassuring to see that Jelly Belly have a section on their website dedicated to eating sugar in moderation. Taking this on board I ensured my boys had a few beans to sample at a time so they could really enjoy the bursts of flavour. After all little boys need some sugar energy especially with the way my two dart about everywhere!

Jelly Belly also sent five 30g packets; I ensured I shared Jelly Belly love to all my friends’ children. Each time I had a play date; I gave a couple as a special treat. The children were receptive to them but the occasional flavour if it didn’t hit the spot would be spat out and remain stuck to my carpet… Hubbie, the adult parents and myself obviously did not follow this technique you will be pleased to hear!

The children quite enjoyed the beans giving tongues different colours; mine was blue for a while! Much to the amusement of my mummy friend who wanted it to remain like that for the school run…

Here we have a fetching blue chin variety of toddler…

I would have happily given Jelly Belly beans as wedding favours back when I got married.  These would have gone down really well, amongst the adults and children alike. I would much prefer these to the standard fake champagne bottle of bubbles, something you can really relish and take your time over if you feel yourself nodding of in the speech section of the wedding!!!

They have also brought out a Beanaturals range, which is free from all artificial colourings and ingredients. Each bean can take up to 25 days to create with this kind of care and attention lavished on each bean how can you not help but fall in love with them…

We score these 5/5

You can find out more and purchase from the website.

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Jelly Belly also realise its very important to watch carefully when your children are eating any sweets to mininise the potential danger of choking.


If you would like to enter the prize draw for a gift pack of 50 flavours of Jelly Belly Beans (RRP £22.98), please enter below.

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  1. Wow Karen, just been wandering round your blog, you have been really busy and it looks great – and you get to eat Jelly Belly!!! I still haven't decided the direction of my blog, it's as much as I can do to just keep up with it as it is for now but will look out for 'opportunities'.
    Keep in touch, Cx

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