Kit Kat Chunky Review

We were sent some of these delicious treats to see which is our family favourite.

After a thorough tasting session, we had mixed opinions as to which flavour should be the rightful winner.

I was definitely a fan of the Orange edition.

My youngest was partial to the Double Choc variety.

Hubbie and eldest were in agreement that Peanut Butter was their favourite.

Sadly no one championed the White Choc, but it was still very much enjoyed.

Now quick grab yourself a handful of Chunky bars and host your own taste test, if you’re feeling kind invite a few friends… or not if you want to savour the chocolate to yourself!

It would be rude not to after all one voter a day wins £100 and you can even vote up to four times a day, just think of how many more bars you could buy with those kind of riches!

The bar with the most votes at the end of the campaign will be a new permanent member of the happy Kit Kat family. Now I wonder what I can do to sway it the Orange way…

I just voted and Orange is currently in second place damn you Peanut Butter!!!

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