The Land of Sometimes CD Review and Competition

I managed to get the eldest off his Wii, which is quite a feat lately, when I announced we were going to listen to an exciting story. He did not complain as is the usual protocol instead he went “oooohh look” when I brandished the CD enticingly in front of him.

See not a tantrum in sight!

The CD tells of Alfie and Elise’s adventure as they travel to ‘The Land Of Sometimes’, meeting a range of eccentric characters on their way. The very vivid imaginary is great for children and definitely compelled my two to listen, how could they not with talk of “pots of orange jelly”?

The mixture of story and music really helped liven up the CD. We laughed at the funny voices and we danced. We had a most agreeable time and the boys even sat nicely next to each other on the couch, which in itself is nothing short of a miracle. Usually in proximity the scrapping starts!

Track six “The Ballad of the River Slouch Sling” was my eldests favourite; he thought the description of the long froggy face was hilarious and said eeeeuuuugh he eats flies mummy. He definitely did the CD more justice, but the youngest still enjoyed it very much. The recommended age is 2+ but I think the music parts would go down well with children even younger, they would enjoy a dance even if they don’t follow the story completely.

Put the CD on when you just want those sacred few moments to yourself without the parental guilt of having turned on the TV… for £9.90 on Amazon you really could not ask for more. The beautiful artwork booklet within the CD an added bonus, this compliments it perfectly especially when my eldest wanted to see what everyone looked like (well the River Slouch Sling particularly!).

You can find out more about the CD on their website

We score the CD 5/5

The Land of Sometimes will be released in February, but in the meantime you can enter my competition to win a copy. I have a CD to give away to TWO lucky winners, to enter please leave a comment including a method to get hold of you.

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Then let me know you have done this. The competition will close on 1st Feb 2012.

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