little BU Nail Polish Review

Having two boys I do not get to indulge in girly pampering much, so it was quite exciting getting some lovely nail polish through the post to take on a play date to the house of one of my youngest girlfriends (yes I say one of as he has about three or four at the last count and he is the ripe old age of… two!).

little BU is a brand of nail polish designed just for children. It is a non-toxic, water-based, wash-off formula. There are eight nail polishes in the range and they are pretty colours. We were sent the sheer pink and pearlized mauve and both colours were popular with our duo, although the pink was very sheer, however you could see the glittery bits.

My son decided as his little friend was being beautified he would not be outdone and wanted his nails painted too! Definitely follow the instructions and apply both coats and then it stays on really well, otherwise with one coat the colour soon disappears as toddlers stick their fingers in their mouth, their drinks, their nose… obviously older children will hopefully show more restraint!

I thought the claim of it being a wash off formula might be a stretch of the truth but was pleasantly surprised by how easy it came off in the bath this evening, a little gentle rub and it was all off.

Great product for children, especially nail bitters, those prone to spillages and clumsy parents like myself who tend to knock over little bottles… as the nail polish comes off clothes easily too!

The 9ml bottles retail at £9.95 each and are available to buy from Harrods and their own website. I definitely think it is worth it because of the ease of removing the nail polish. No more harsh solvents just happy little hands and feet.

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