Lost in Time…

I am really worried I am giving my boys the completely wrong concept of time.

Some examples:
“I will be there in a minute…”

Translates to let me finish whatever I am doing however long it takes!

“You can go on the Wii when you have played nicely with your brother for half an hour”

Translates to I will only remind you again whenever you stop playing nicely however long that may last…

“I will be back to check on you in 10 minutes (when settling youngest to sleep)”

Translates to if your quiet I will be checking in on you just before I go to bed however late that is!

6 thoughts on “Lost in Time…

  1. I am guilty of this as well. I always find myself saying to Roo, "I'll be back in two seconds" and then of course I am not. She's started saying it now.

    What I do (when I remember) is show her a clock and tell her when things are going to happen, for instance:

    "We have to leave for preschool at 12, so when both hands are at the top of the clock, and I need us all to be ready then"

    It has got her interested in telling the time as well. 

    And, hi there, Technorati code! 

  2. Good spotting on the Technorati code Mrs Beady eyes lol! Yes am doubling my efforts, well hubbie is 🙂 I just nod and agree! Love the idea of whipping out the clock to get them ready for going out, will have to do that, school run is a bit of a bind! x

  3. we have a chicken timer ( a timer shaped like a chicken, not a thing for timing chickens) which we use if they are taking turns for something – gets them used to how long 5 minutes really is

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