LOVEFiLM subscriber options

Lately I have been watching films with hubbie on our subscription and I think LOVEFiLM have got it wrong…

Rather than have categories of price for how many films you have at home each time, I think they need to break it down into what people can actually handle watching.

For myself I would subscribe to the “fluffy option” – for those who can handle the film ratings U’s, PG’s and only very friendly 12’s.

Then it would blank out the rest of the site. Perhaps even eliminating some scary U’s from my selection I mean poor Bambi dealing with the stress of losing a parent too young is just too much for my fragile eyes.

Hubbie could then subscribe to the tough nut section of the site, as he seems better prepared to deal with it all…

Least this way hubbie would have no excuse for picking something unsuitable for me!

No more hiding behind cushions…

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