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I was sent four products from the Natural & Clean range. I am excited because my mum says I am a good mum but a lousy housewife. Well armed with my new kit, I was ready to prove her wrong!

My carpet has had a very full life, it has survived through two children being toilet trained, my parents dog being sick on it, the cat deciding the area around the back of the TV was to be earmarked as its new toilet… you get the idea…

The carpet may have endured but so have some of the odours, don’t get me wrong I am yet to feature on one of Kim and Aggie’s programmes but it could certainly do with a much-needed lift!

As I worked so hard yesterday reviewing soaps, I volunteered hubbie to get down on bended knee and apply the foaming carpet cleaner (RRP £3.58).

The instructions were very easy to follow and the process quick. The results were great, it cleared a marked area of the carpet and the cloth we wiped it with came away black, so it definitely made a huge improvement.

I wonder if I crack my whip if he will do every carpet in the house…

The carpet & fabric deodoriser (RRP £3.43) with one spray seemed to give good coverage. It was a subtle smell that took away the wet dog type odour instantly.

The 100% Natural Cat Litter (RRP £6.65) went down a treat with our cat, our second cat roams around outside (appearing only for food and the odd pat from the doorway!) but if he does brave the indoors again, this may well be the reason for his return. We did go through a patch of buying the cheapest cat litter known to man, it was like gravel (actually it may well have been gravel), so it was no wonder one of them was so unimpressed and went behind the TV really.

The bin deodoriser (RRP £3.39) was my absolute favourite. It is so simple to use, you just spray and walk away. No need to rinse and I liked the pleasant subtle smell. It definitely stopped dead the pong trying to creep out of the bin and take over the house.

Now with cleaning kit this clever, I think I could even be persuaded to get my marigolds out more often! I just won’t mention to my mum I got hubbie to help too.

Natural & Clean products are also gentle on the planet, as a company they use “100% recycled, biodegradable products with a continued commitment to creating cleaning solutions formulated from organic materials”.

I will raise a cup of tea to that… Now where is hubbie to put the kettle on?

We score these products 4.5/5

You can read more about Natural & Clean and purchase their products

7 thoughts on “Natural & Clean Review

  1. These products sound great! I am currently potty training my little one… the carpet cleaner may help my carpets survive! 🙂 x

  2. Could you let me know if the cat litter has any perfume added. I have my rats litter trained but can't use anything scented as their respiratory systems are so delicate

  3. I guess it satisfied you and your husband a lot ever since you bought it. Hmm, your mom would be proud of you since you were able to have a great find for your cleaning solutions at home. Happy cleaning! 😀

  4. Wow! I commend you two for helping each other in cleaning your abode. Carpets may be one of the hardest home items to clean, but it seems like you and your husband are having fun cleaning this. Hehe. That’s one good hubbie-wifey bonding experience.

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