Official Toy Fair Movie 2012

This is a great video of the Toy fair last week made by the very talented Pete Jenkinson from Toyology.

I really enjoyed watching some of the new and upcoming toys so thought I would share it with my lovely followers. You might even want to start planning for Christmas haha – awaits the onslaught of abuse mentioning the C word already!!!

I have my heart set on the Mario race set from Kinect for my boys, so think we will be adding it to their wish lists. I just won’t let hubbie watch the film in case he wants the board game that looks a little bit too much like his favoured World of Warcraft… with the talk of health bars and such like!

This is a must watch video if you want to see frothing bubble gum drinks, the new Moshi monster toys and another favourite of mine a remote controlled helicopter that flies upside down…

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