One Born Every Minute: Conception

This is the last prompt from Netmums, which covers disability and conception. I have no experience of disability as such so will dive straight into conceiving my boys. Don’t worry I won’t make you blush, I only plan to talk about the length of time it took rather than the gory details…

The first time round we had to move forward our wedding. It was booked for the March, but we started trying for a baby in the September thinking these things take ages… well we ended up moving the wedding to January by which time I was already four months pregnant, I had caught straight away.

I thought I would be like my mum and find the process somewhat tricky. But I did not have to do anything, no measuring temperatures or extra drugs to give my body a kick-start, hubbie just looked at me funny and I was pregnant (see I am sparing you those blushes!).

It did come as a bit of a shock to conceive so easily and it took a little time to sink in. I sat looking at the pregnancy test stick on my return from a lovely holiday in Amsterdam, glued to the spot digesting the information. Then of course the shock subsided and the excitement arrived. I was having a baby, whoop whoop!

Second time round, first month of trying again I was pregnant straight away. This time there was no shock; I knew it might happen straight away after my experience with my first. I guess I was taking it for granted so would have been in shock that time round if I had not got pregnant so quickly!

I have been fortunate enough to find it effortless to get pregnant each time. But I know that it is not something that comes easy to every couple. I have friends who have experienced failed IVF treatments, endured long and hard processes with much prodding, poking and heartbreak to get their babies. So I really do count my blessings and for all those still trying I hope you all have your own bundles of joy to treasure soon.

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