One Born Every Minute: Dad and Childbirth

Fashionably late as always, here finally is our post about the Missing Sleep resident dad and birth of our boys for One Born Every Minute.

He started off quite promising on the birth of our first, running me a bath to help with labour pains and fussing over me. But once we were on our way to the hospital my night in shining armour, slowly tarnished. Whilst I writhed around in pain, hubbie was having the full attention of the paramedic crew… his back hurt from his seat in the ambulance and then he started to feel travel sick…

On arrival he was not much better, he was very tired, it was hard work watching his wife in labour… so he had a nap whilst I moaned, groaned and threw up throughout the night…

The birth was quite traumatic and I had to be stitched up for an hour afterwards, so hubbie then found himself alone with his newborn son, with no one there to support him. He was a bit bewildered, the delivery room still bloodstained, he slowly came into his role as a father from strength to strength.

He became the one I relied on after the birth; I struggled to get about with more stitches than you would find in a well-made garment. Hubbie did the nappy changes and helped in so many ways. Whilst I recovered and slowly became more confident with his guidance, we grew more skilled as parents.

For the second birth he had learnt not to complain on the way to hospital and throughout was much more supportive but I think the birth was better timed, seeing as it didn’t involve any sleep deprivation as it was in “working hours”…

My only complaint would be his need to chat to me through the short lived labour; I was not in a chatting mood! I just wanted my hand held, the gas chamber to bite on (midwife said I was too close to actually use the gas!) and a hubbie to throw evil looks at.

As our second child neared delivery hubbie could see that the umbilical cord was wrapped tightly twice around his neck. The midwife kept calm and did an amazing job delivering him and hubbie had to watch this in shock, hoping and praying everything would be okay, whilst no one alarmed me to the situation. It really frightened him and he probably did not get the attention off me he should have afterwards, as it was all about swooning over the new baby.

So given all this my hubbie did a sterling job and I love him very much!

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11 thoughts on “One Born Every Minute: Dad and Childbirth

  1. I wasn't very chatty through my labour either. It must have been scary for him to see the cord problem ahead of you and to have to stay quiet. I missed this linky but I should really write one up as it's a great post. Dad's often get forgotten about! Thanks for popping by! X

  2. the word labour gives me the shivers, each child birth got worse last one ended up being a c section no more for me thanks lol, but totally worth it now, love my crazy, (sometimes scary) funny beautiful caring ect girls wouldnt change them for the world, although if i asked them to do something for me and they ask why i do tend to use the phrase ' because i flippin carried you for 9 months thats why' lol love that post kaz !xxx

  3. Yes more about the stitching next week sorry when we discuss pain 😉 haha thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 x

  4. Your girls are adorable 🙂 Yes definately carrying for 9 months will have to equal alot of massages and fetching and carrying 😉 Your girls are so well trained! x

  5. Yes he did in the end each time thankfully! And he really is quite an amazing hubbie and I probably should tell him more 😉 x

  6. During my first labour DH lay on the hospital be and had a nap, whilst I "wandered round the room going ow" as he put it. Until they put me on the monitor and hit the red emergency button

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