One Born Every Minute: Rule Breakers

I have always been quite conservative in life; quite tame as a teenager, more nerdy than rebellious I was little trouble for my parents. Very studious, nose always in a book!

I tried smoking and thought it was disgusting so quit before I started. I spoke to one friend who said she thought it was gross too, but stuck with it.

“Why in heavens would you do that?”

“Because it was cool…”

But I eventually obviously broke my conventional mould as six months into my new relationship with now hubbie, we had got engaged, I had got myself pregnant and we were married.

It was literally a month of dating when my now hubbie asked my dad for my hand in marriage, am surprised he did not blanch at that, but I guess they just did not know the rest would follow on so quickly… There was a definate moment of panic for my parents accepting the speed at which everything else happened.

My mum found it hard me being pregnant outside of wedlock and was worried the reverend would not marry us, but luckily he was a lovely fellow that had no qualms as long as we were dedicated to each other it was enough for him.

I had come out of a long-term serious relationship, which had lasted eight years so I guess I did not want to hang about after wasting so much time on the wrong guy. So I just fast-forwarded our relationship!

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