Here is my second post for the One Born Every Minute and Netmums blogging extravaganza and the topic is pain! If you missed my first post on dad and childbirth pop back here and catch up.

I guess when it comes to giving birth you do go into it with some expectations that it will hurt. I mean you are planning on passing something the size of a watermelon but I guess I did not know just how much it would hurt… or if I did I was hiding this knowledge in the darkest corner of my mind!

I think watching one of the oldest antenatal DVD’s ever known to man with a presenter not dissimilar to Mrs Bouquet (from Keeping up Appearances) did little to help me. She was giving chinese burns to the expectant mums to prepare them for birth…

My dad was trying to help but not his greatest purchase ever. I was now prepared for a level of pain similar to that of a childish game on the playground and not for the agonizing roller coaster of my first birth.

It was 10pm I was merrily playing Animal Crossing when out of nowhere I had what felt like the worst period pains ever. Midwife was contacted who recommended a bath… yes I am sure the therapeutic soothing hot water will do so much when I feel like I am DYING…

The pain felt so bad I was promptly sick but most frustrating of all I was actually making good progress in my game (which I have never had the stomach to play again!).

On the way to hospital I had gas and air, then Pethidine on arrival (which did absolutely nothing to dull the pain) before begging for an epidural. My reasoning being that as I have started down the drug filled labour path, I might as well continue it till completion, I am nothing but dedicated.

Despite the mother of all injections, there were no noticeable improvements in pain reduction, and the midwife checked only to find that the anesthetic was leaking down my back…

So they re-attempted the epidural and decided to give me a drug to speed up contractions, but now I was finally close to giving birth. With the midwives telling me when to push (now I need to I cannot finally feel a thing!) and being cut twice to assist birth, out came the ventouse and on the third and final try, my adorable first son popped out around 10am. Well perhaps less of the popping and more of the shouldering his way out, causing severe tearing on the way…

Luckily in the hour my nether regions were put back together I just felt the sensation of a jolly good rummaging down there but no pain.

Whereas my second birth was almost enjoyable. Okay enjoyable might be somewhat of an exaggeration, but compared to the first it was a mighty fine experience. I think I was better prepared I knew what level of pain to expect for one.

I had laughed in the face of my friend who said imagine the tide coming in and out as the pain ebbs and flows but I actually used that technique the second time round and it really helped. After awhile the novelty did wear off and some drugs would have been very welcome but as I was so close to birth I was not allowed anything.

For which I was to become truly thankful as I had a much quicker recovery, no waiting about for my legs to work I was up and about, enjoying a bath, a cheese sandwich and cooing over my gorgeous second son straight after birth.

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  1. I wish I had used it on the first birth maybe it would have gone slightly better, but still great end result 🙂 x

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