New Years eve saw us at a friend’s party; bedtime in our house is normally like a military routine, the boys are down fast asleep by 7:30pm. So to go to a party starting at 7pm is at best optimistic and at worst a little crazy.

We lasted until 9:30pm, which was longer than our host expected, but by this time meltdown sequence had commenced, so it was literally a quick thank you and a mad dash home, we even had the bad manners to leave our empty buffet dishes in one of the rooms, we were that focused on getting them to bed! You have my apologies.

The party itself was good and well catered for the 14 children there. Eldest won a prize for musical statues. He has quite the success rate for that game, and if it were ever turned into an Olympic sport I have no doubt my son would be a champion medal wearer!

The children also had a treasure hunt to find chocolate Santa’s. The hosts live in a hotel so there were plenty of nooks and crannies for them in the numerous rooms. During this time everyone apart from hubbie, who I allocated as the adult to oversee the children (aren’t I kind!), started a trivia and music quiz.
I think I should have saved myself the shame of performing so poorly and instead chased madly around the hotel in search of chocolate! Am not quite sure when the dust bunnies took residence but lately I seem more and more ditsy! I cannot even blame the alcohol I had one heavily diluted white wine…

2 thoughts on “P-A-R-T-Y

  1. Bet it was nice to wake up without a hangover on NY day tho! I was pleased I didn't!! Great party by the looks of it!!

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