Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt

We went to the first stage show Peppa Pig’s Party with both my boys and had a fantastic time, so we are very excited that they are back with another stage show production. When I told my eldest we would be going he screamed AWESOME loudly! Which really does illustrate how great he thought the last live show was, especially as its more his youngest brother who enjoys catching up with Peppa and George on television.

This time we see Peppa Pig and her friends set off on a treasure hunt. Peppa, her brother George and friend Danny Dog get up to fun and games on a day out on Grandad Dog’s boat. There are clues aplenty as Pedro Pony, Polly Parrot and Zoe Zebra help them find their treasure as they all enjoy a day of adventure. Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt features true-to-life puppets, perfect sing-along songs and a new story that will charm and delight all her fans. Full sail! Ahoy! (taken from the press release)

The UK tour lasts until the 29th of July, so do make sure you check the show dates and I would really recommend booking your tickets. This is an opportunity any Peppa Pig fan will cherish forever. Even better my boys will love practising their pirate speak in preparation.

There are also a couple of games on the website so definately worth checking out to keep your children entertained for a few minutes whilst you have a cuppa!

You can see a little taster on the website to keep you going until we return with a full review of our visit in February.

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