Quality crafting time with Kermit

We were sent some fab stickers (thanks BritMums) to turn our old Cravendale milk bottle into Kermit the Frog, this is to help celebrate the release of the new Muppets film.

It was a quick and easy and most importantly fun!

The only problem I have now is youngest has asked if he can take it to bed with him tonight. He has enough trouble fitting in with his 15 (yes really!) soft toys; I think a milk bottle might just be a stretch too much…

It does go to show just how fond he was of his funky new Cravendale bottle. He has definitely drunk more milk today too, so bonus there! Much better for his teeth.

Cravendale are giving away four free sticker sets here TheMilkMatters.co.uk, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, Gonzo & Fozzie Bear. I recommend you all give it a go too and enter the competition on their facebook page for a chance to win VIP tickets to screenings of the new The Muppets film.

5 thoughts on “Quality crafting time with Kermit

  1. Aw look he love kermit so much mean mummy not letting him take it to bed. I think Sophie prob has about 15 toys too and they have to be laid out just so

  2. it was still full of milk Helen (I wasn't going to confess!)  It went back into the fridge imagine if he took it to bed lol, he would be having a sneaky drink all night 🙂 x

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