SodaStream Clear Plus Review

We were sent a brand spanking new SodaStream to try out the new Clear Plus flavours. Unwrapping the box of our fancy new red fizz machine was quite a momentous occasion, with much ooohing and aaaahing from the boys.

But I was more excited to try the new flavours…

The missing sleep household have eaten the equivalent of our body weight a few times over in the Christmas excesses. It is actually a bit scary how many chocolates and biscuits we have somehow managed to chomp through… not that I didn’t enjoy every last one of them of course!

However there is light at the end of the tunnel the new Clear Plus flavours have proven health benefits to put me right again and remove all those nasty toxins! Halleluiah!

Usually some of the things that are good for you taste disgusting, but I really enjoyed the Grapefruit-Pomegranate concoction.

The boys thought they were getting a treat and happily drank a little of both flavours with brightly lit up eyes, convinced we were indulging them in fizzy pop! Little did they know…

I remember reading somewhere that Ginseng can increase your libido so I confess to keeping hubbie strictly on the Grapefruit-Pomegranate flavour and keeping the Lemongrass-Forest Fruits at arms length from him. Just as a precaution mind, as I have enough trouble fending him off wearing unflattering thermal underwear as it is!!!

If your also trying to save money as part of your New Year resolutions, these drinks are excellent, I cannot believe they only cost £3.99 for 500ml, which in turn makes 10 LITRES of sparkling goodness!

And if you’re keen to save the world but can’t kick your fizzy pop habit then you must invest in a SodaStream. Using the reusable carbonating bottle cuts down on bottle waste and if you’re planning on some hardcore protesting, you might need to be in peak physical performance so I would recommend the Lemongrass-Forest Fruits for your enjoyment…

In the meantime my immune system is constantly bombarded by my children’s germs (the one thing they have no problem sharing!) so its reassuring I am getting some added Vitamin C with my preferred Grapefruit-Pomegranate.

We did not have the last flavour to sample Green Tea Lychee, so we cannot comment on the taste. But it does say that Green Tea extract helps with weight management. For £3.99 it would work out cheaper than paying someone to weigh you every week!

Oh dear someone is looking awfully smug

He managed to get hold of the Lemongrass-Forest Fruits after all…

You can find out more about the flavours, SodaStream machines and make purchases on their website.

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  1. I keep thinking we should get a sodastream as we had one when I was a kid. My favourite flavour was always plain old fizzy water and still is

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