Summer Love

My favourite holiday has to be the only trip abroad myself and now hubbie have ever taken together, in the summer of 2006.

Roll the clock back to our long weekend in Amsterdam, which now seems a lifetime ago, the period in-between filled with many a sleepless night, the intermittent noise of a crying child and an argument or two. So it’s quite indulgent to reminisce of a time when it was just the two of us.

As a couple we skirted around the red light district, I hoped to find it dark and mysterious but instead it seemed sleazy and slightly distasteful. The open urinals for men matching the sordid feel.

I guess it was worth a visit for a giggle at some parts. Here is one “interesting picture”, made family friendly of course with the addition of a fluffy bunny.

I think it was all abit much for my delicate eyes…

Thankfully Amsterdam was to be much, much more.

The Amsterdam canal sparkled beautifully at night

We found a quaint pancake house, where they were so delicious they were to become our stable fare. With Cherries, Cream and Ice Cream I had found my little bit of heaven.

Hands up who’s drooling!

Emotions were heightened especially during a poignant trip to the Anne Frank Museum; we were completely compelled to walk around and hear the sad moving story. I wiped away many a tear.

We laughed hard during our visit to the Madame Tussauds Amsterdam (especially when I jumped out of my skin when a pirate leapt out on me!) and again at my pitiful attempt to eat Chinese food with chopsticks. I would have starved but had the sense to accept defeat and acquire a fork with good grace. Hubbie to this day regales in his superior handling of the chopstick.

Back then we were fledging romantics; it was a holiday filled with holding hands, tender kisses and treasured moments. I would say children were just a twinkle in our eye on that holiday, but on our return home I found out I was already pregnant…

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14 thoughts on “Summer Love

  1. Amsterdam is a beautiful place. I went there on my first stop of a backpacking trip around Europe so I wasn't sampling the romantic side of it as such but I did think that it would be a lovely place to go as a couple. 

  2. You can never be too cheesy, it's your own blog!
    You can never be too cheesy on your own blog 🙂 We have never been on an abroad holiday together *oops* Although venturing out of the uk is on our to do list after house buying and other v important things!

    I love the idea you had a little stowaway there in Amsterdam with you….very romantic


  3. Oooh, sounds blissful! Me and my hubby have never been abroad, so when the kiddies are older are planning to take them away to disney. As this is a place I always wanted to go when little, its just as much for me as the kiddies, haha! 
     The pancake house sounds lush!!!! <3  

  4. Thanks thebabywife, yes our little stowaway came as quite a suprise!  Good thing I didn't live it up and it was a very tame weekend in Amsterdam 🙂 Hope you squeeze in a few romantic trips of your own before the arrival of a bambino x

  5. Aw lovely pics…. and OH MY DAYS at the gimp pic! Your face is a picture. 

    Those pancakes look delicious!  I've never been to Amsterdam, but have always wanted to go. 

  6. Completely agree. We went to Amsterdam for a weekend before kids too, and there is so much more to it than the red light district.  I was recovering from the flu and so we really took it easy and chilled out. It was beautiful! The first photo is very amusing though!

  7. Great that you choose Amsterdam! A place very dear to my heart (I lived there for nearly 10 years). I always loved showing friends and family that there is so much more to Amsterdam than coffeeshops and ladies of the night 🙂

  8. I loved Holland (showing my age there) when I went on a teenage group holiday there many, many years ago. We stayed on a barge and cruised the canals round the country. We had an afternoon in Amsterdam and I remember the group leaders had to keep the boys on a very short lead (not literally, like in your first photo).

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