Tasty Little Numbers Review

The excitement I had for cookies was matched when opening this box…

As a busy parent this range of chocolate bars and snacks could not be more perfectly tailored to my needs. I think this is down to the range being created by another sleep deprived mum. These are the perfect quick snack on the go.

Forget asking for conventional presents when you have a new baby get everyone you know to buy you Tasty Little Numbers snack pots. I wish I had, these easily microwaveable little pots of deliciousness would really have hit the spot back when I was surrounded in dirty nappies and covered in baby sick.

Any new mum is usually just a teeny bit focused on trying to restore their stomach to its former glory. I love these snacks for that purpose you can easily calculate the calories if you’re so inclined as it is stated very clearly on the packet.

I love the packets as I am a natural reader, I enjoy the written word and these are covered in it! It is lovely finding a product I relate so well too.

Moving onto taste, well they did not disappoint. I savoured every mouthful of my Sausage and Bean snack pot. Hubbie hogged the other three. But Mushroom Stroganoff was not for him, but if you love mushrooms you would enjoy it, as it smelt very mushroomy! It was nice to see hubbie leaving for work with something nutritious and warming for his lunch, instead of it being a mad panic and just chucking some packets of crisps in his bag and running to work…

The crisps (RRP 55p) we would have liked to have had more of a chance to taste test but the boys got their hands on them and that was that. The couple we managed to salvage were really enjoyable. The range includes Cheese and Onion, Bacon Rashers, BBQ Grills and Salt and Vinegar Chipsticks.

The chocolate crispy bars (RRP 55p) were great because they still felt like a proper treat even though they were calorie controlled, as a connoisseur of sweet things; I gave them the thumbs up!

They also double as a great eye patch 😉

We score these 5/5

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  1. Just updated it with a link to the stockists at the bottom of the review, sorry my bad lol.  Amazon looks like a good choice 🙂 x

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