Very Lazy Posh Sausage Casserole Review

The cooking gene sadly passed on to my brother who can knock up a mean meal just by looking at the ingredients.

So I could not pass by the opportunity to try out a cooking concentrate from the Very Lazy range. Especially with such a fantastic brand name, having missed plenty of sleep over the years, I do have moments of feeling Very Lazy!

Coming back from the epic play date on Saturday we were all pretty worn out so it was with great relief we knew we had the holy grail of cooking sauces hidden in the cupboard to make the cooking process MUCH easier!!!

The instructions were very simple to follow and you only needed to add 8 sausages, an onion and 200ml of water. An hour later you have a delicious family meal to sit down and enjoy, which you can accompany nicely with mashed potato or in our case we had dauphinoise potatoes, carrots and snap peas.

It smelt delicious when it was cooking and it’s a shame my mum was not passing by so I could have pretended to have been slaving in the kitchen for hours preparing this culinary delight.

The boys even ate their sausages with a little bit of the sauce, which for them is quite an achievement, as they only usually only like ketchup with EVERYTHING…

I did not know how much the cooking concentrate cost until after I sampled it and I really thought it would have cost more than the £1.92 it retails as, I was very pleasantly surprised!

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