Visionary Soap Company Review

The Visionary Soap Company is a fair trade company that supports and makes a huge difference in a number of poor communities in the world. You can read more about the importance of these products for income, opening up access to international markets and improving health care and education on their website.

Now time to look at these beauties:

I love that they look so rustic and simply packaged, a soap that you could proudly display in your bathrooms or give as gifts. I am feeling relaxed just smelling them; I could sit here all evening, just breathing in their gorgeous scents.

But I owe it to you guys to do a thorough testing, so I will leave hubbie to do the dishes whilst I do my “work” of enjoying a lovely shower and giving these soaps a workout on my aching body.

It was a play date day today, so giving the house a quick clean beforehand, running around in between and tidying afterwards you do tend to feel a bit of an twinge. Am surprised my back hasn’t given in completely! My Mummy friend spotted the Geranium Rose Soap sampler and so I let her take that because every mummy needs a little relaxing treat to survive the day (and she was so taken in by the Turkish Delight type smell).

Not sure if hubbie is buying into my “work” but he is valiantly soldering on doing the dishes, so will escape upstairs quickly.

Oh my I feel wonderful and now smell like a goddess (Cinnamon Orange Clove Soap is my all time favourite!). I am so taken by these products I have placed my first order already. I hope the boys godmummy is not reading as it might be a clue for her birthday present!!!

The Lemon Lip Balm (RRP £3.45 for 5ml) also feels lovely on my lips, not sticky and tacky. A little bit goes a long way, so this pot size would keep your lips kissable for a considerable time. Will quickly put on thermal underwear to ward off hubbie!

To make an order visit the website, there is a code for 10% off (VSC2012) until the end of January, so an opportunity not to be missed. A sign from the gods you need to pamper yourself more.

You can also follow on facebook and twitter. There is a great competition on their facebook page so like quickly for a chance to win a Wholesale Sample Box.

2 thoughts on “Visionary Soap Company Review

  1. Mmm, cinnamon orange and clove sounds lovely! I want some now! I'd better not get the turkish-delight smelling one though, my husband is obsessed with the stuff and would probably end up licking his/my hands!

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