The Watt Loss Challenge

The Missing Sleep household did not make a green resolution this year, but we did make one to save some money. Fortunately they coincide quite nicely, so I can polish my halo feeling righteous for helping the environment whilst also stretching our coffers.

For we are cutting back our heating bills by the power of the thermal garment… yes really!

I think I am the only person I know in their early 30’s who has a thermal vest, long john’s and heat holder socks in their winter arsenal.

At a moments notice I can whip out my thermal paraphernalia and start to enjoy the benefits. This serves as a dual purpose of also keeping hubbie at arms bay, should he become too frisky, nothing like my fetching grey long johns to kill the mood. Everyone’s a winner (oh except for hubbie!).

Another quick fix was to stuff a scarf in our letterbox to stop the awful Welsh wind that was sneaking in. I guess we could have bought something specific but it fits the purpose, although now hubbie is colder outside the house… bless it was his scarf! So if you have any drafts in your house quickly get them insulated, but perhaps with something more suitable for the sake of marital relationships!

This post is for the Smart Mums campaign in partnership with British Gas linky, if you want to get involved

2 thoughts on “The Watt Loss Challenge

  1. I have the full outfit too, but I am sooo much older than you. You could always pretend you bought your thermals for skiing 🙂

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