Experimenting with Yummy Dough

Maps Toys kindly sent us this to review. I was drawn to Maps Toys as their toys seem much more exciting and inventive than some we have bought or been given previously. I spend a huge chunk of my day playing, so is it selfish I want it to be fun for me too lol.

We prepped the boys first and ensured all our hands were washed. We are going to be eating what they made so it was pretty essential (especially with youngest and his nose picking habit!).

We opened all the packets and added the carefully measured quantity of water with the provided measuring tool. As the water was added the green, blue and yellow colours magically appeared in the previously white dough mix, boys were suitably impressed by this. The red mix on the other hand was red throughout but as this is the favourite colour of my eldest it did not offend him in the slightest.

Then with a spoon you mix away until it’s gone all crumbly (like I could imagine apple crumble would be if I ever took the time and effort to make it from scratch instead of relying on trusty Aunty Bessie’s!). After this you do a spot of kneading. Boys had a bowl each so they could be involved throughout the process.

Here they are concentrating hard:

When we moved onto the shape making I must admit my boys’ generally focused on little balls (peas mummy!), snakes and blobs of Yummy Dough stacked up high. They had a great time which for me is what its all about. We did make a couple of our own; it was nice to be involved in a proper family activity. We managed to convince the boys to flatten the blobs for the cooking part. I did not fancy them picking one biscuit when it was the size of about ten!

I was not sure of the taste it is very sugary, boys loved them but then did I stop at one? No, so maybe the taste did grow on me! Accompanied by a glass of milk I quite enjoyed it, but then I do have an exceptionally sweet tooth on occasion. Hubbie did not want a second one.

Yummy Dough is for ages 3+ but I liked the fact that you can eat it whilst you’re making it (but it is nicer cooked), so we all had a try. It was a novel change to say yes you can eat this. I might be less enthusiastic if I find them chomping on the playdoh next time…

Now feeling a bit sickly maybe I should have stopped at one Yummy Dough masterpiece after all! Boys are still fine J

We give Yummy Dough 4.5/5

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  1. That stuff sounds great! I'd never heard of it before. Got a few kids birthdays coming up so this would make an unusual present. Have you recovered from the sugar overload? X

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