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My mission is to hand out coupons and samples of Ecover to friends and family, thus making myself instantly popular at the school gate. I never got my box home intact to take a lovely picture of the complete contents, the postman caught me on the way to a playdate and at said playdate the mummies like crazed vultures took them from me with remarkable speed and agility. Usually those kinds of athletics are only deployed to get to the last piece of cake (or to the bar before closing time) so I tell you now these are lovely samples.

Everyone loves a free sample and one that is reassuringly free of harsh chemicals when you’re a parent of little fledglings is an extra bonus. We want nice and gentle products for our precious bundles of joy and for our own hands. With natural plant based ingredients your being kind to your hands, seeing as they do give away your age first, forget the fancy face cream and invest in some decent washing-up liquid, which is more suited for sensitive skin.

It is good to also help nature, seeing as our children are the future generations, I would like to think we are all doing our little bit for the environment and if my little bit smells this good then I think I can happily do it more often!

Reactions have been positive so far, happy about the size of the bottle of Pomegranate Washing-up liquid to take with them on a self-catering holiday or on a trip in a trailer tent.

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