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I was sent three very indulgent products to review from this range. I decided to be very kind to my mum and let her put the Refining Face Oil through its paces. I can be nice like that sometimes…

The Refining Oil has an RRP of £37, which seems quite high for a 15ml bottle, but you only need to use such a small amount that one bottle will really last for ages. My mum found it greasy and heavy at first that is why it is very important to use just the recommended one or two squirts. But that feeling soon disappeared once rubbed in. It absorbed in well and my mum said her skin felt nice and smooth. My mum loved the smell and the product was given high praise indeed, my mum is also somewhat of the beauty product connoisseur so you know you’re on to a good thing when she accepts it!

As parents always on the go, I think it nice to take some time out and really feel pampered. With this range you feel like your getting the quality of luxury spa products without the price tag being in the same league. Much more convenient to re-create the spa atmosphere at home, without having to find a suitable babysitter!

I loved my time out having baths with the Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection, with this pleasing box set you have 9 x 3ml bottles to relax and unwind with. The RRP is £28.50, so £3.16 a pop (Yikes). But each bath you take turns into a magnificent aromatherapy sensation rather incomparable to a drab bit of bubble bath you had on offer in the chemist! Just keep opening the box and smelling it, it is so lovely, before I used the products I just enjoyed doing that and feeling the calm wash over me.

I loved smelling like Turkish delight with the Renewing Rose Cleaner (RRP £22.00). Another great product easy to apply and should become a key part of your skincare routine. I could even see the impurities coming away on the cotton wool and my skin felt less greasy than before. I especially like that it has Geranium in it which helps balance emotions, being a parent is an up and down rollercoaster of a ride, so anything that keeps keep you grounded, is VITAL! I wonder if I can eat less cake and just use this product instead to keep me happy. I definitely smell sweet enough.

Perfect for Mothers Day or with Valentines Day just round the corner bring a little joy to your partner (hubbie please note you and your World of Warcraft habit are bringing me NO JOY!), I must admit I am not used to spending these kind of prices on beauty products but maybe its time for a change, once you have had a taste of the finer things in life it must be hard to go back to anything less…

You can purchase from Liberty, Space NK and Fortnum & Mason (fancy shops just scream out quality product, so don’t just take my word for it!)

You can find out more about Aromatherapy Associates and also order online on their website.

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