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I was sent a package of exquisite soaps to indulge myself with. These soaps are created by another blogger friend of mine based at The Good Life Mum. Her blog is a fascinating read with lots of lovely craft and baking activities to do with your children. I must admit I do read with awe and long to be more skilled! To top it all off she even makes soap, beautifully scented and pleasing masterpieces. If I ever had a case of the green-eyed monster it would be with my talented new friend, if it were not for the fact she is so kind, caring and funny.

My pregnant friend was over having dinner with us and when she saw the soaps was quite swept away by the aroma of the Chocolate Truffle, which smelt so lovely I had to stop her chomping on it right there and then. I let her keep it on the proviso she did not get a craving to eat it and only used it for some much needed pampering! Bless her with her blooming figure she deserves some TLC time.

I gave my mum another of the soaps.But I must admit if anyone had wanted the Tangerine soap it might have turned ugly as I had my eye on that from the beginning.It smells particularly refreshing, just what I need to coax my reluctant body into life during my morning shower after yet another sleepless night!

I love how every soap has a list of ingredients and batch number on them. You feel reassured your getting a quality product. I just washed my hands again in the Figs and Brown Sugar another new firm favourite. My eldest has a sickness bug so these soaps are bringing pleasant smells back into our life – thankfully!

So much care and attention has been given into these tenderly created soaps it is almost a travesty for them to be on sale at a bargain of £2 each. But alas they are so snap them up quick before the storm of luxury soap bargain hunters get word of it!

Over to Helen the lovely founder of Bath Food:

I started making soap for my husband who suffers from eczema but loves bubble baths also with a two year old daughter I wanted a gentle soap for her delicate skin.

I am also a keen forager and two of my soaps are my signature soap stinging nettle soap and rosehip and ginger pate bar my soaps also contain good luscious oils such as olive oil and sweet almond oils.

This Christmas I ventured out into some scented soaps such as tangerine a fresh zesty orangey soap great for a wake up in the morning, and fun soaps such as cookie dough that has beautiful warm scents of caramel and vanilla. There is a chocolate truffle soap that contains 70% dark Swiss chocolate and my friend calls this her lucky soap if you know what I mean. Then there is a lovely simple soap called snow topped with crystal glitter for a little sparkle. For the more sophisticated tastes there is a gold frankincense and myrrh for a more exotic wash.

I also sell bath time accessories such as bath scrunchies and natural loofahs to polish dead skin away and sensible attained wooden bath racks made from Hemu wood to help look after your soap as well as fun novelty flannels.

I do have a facebook page. Currently I am having a big sale in order to help raise funding toward a new soap collection for the new year so get them before they go and at only £2 a bar they are worth a try as a little treat.

5 thoughts on “Bath Food Soap Review

  1. They look good enough to eat! I love these sort of items but I don't often find any gentle enough for my skin. The Figs and Banana sounds gorgeous.

  2. nearly went into a melt down last night when I couldn't access your page!!

    Fab review.  Will go check out the site x

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