Blogging tips Part Deux

I have discussed some pointers already here, but I have one bugbear so thought I would do another little post.

1. Please get rid of word verification for comments. It is a royal pain in the bum, as I tend to always get the combination wrong, I am not quite sure how, but each time the box screams epic fail until I get to the point I think sod the comment, enough is enough!!!

2. If you have a comment from someone who blogs, it is nice to go back to their blog and do the same. I was not aware of this polite courtesy between bloggers when I started so just graciously accepted the comment with a smile on my face. Now I have been around longer I understand more and am not so naïve and woolly round my ears (I hope anyway but I still miss the occasional person not on purpose but find it hard tallying a personal name with a blog name at times, so if I have missed anyone sorry!).

3. I have since found there is a Foodies100 for those food blogs out there, so if you combine parenting with lots of baking or maybe making your own baby food purées from scratch it might be worth a nosey. Either way it’s another pretty badge for your side bar if you’re talented enough in the kitchen. We are not particularly talented but if we have just added it to the blog, it will make us try harder, that’s the plan anyway!!! Slow cooker plodded away yesterday cooking up a delicious smelling casserole for dinner, and bread maker is getting regular airings, there is hope for the Missing Sleep family after all…

4. When you host a competition, also advertise it, hop along to loquax and add your competition there it will help drive up entries, as nothing more embarrassing than a competition with no entrants… (Okay hugely hairy toes might be more embarrassing or a boil the size of a meteorite on the end of your nose but you get the idea!)

8 thoughts on “Blogging tips Part Deux

  1. Oh dear I have hairy toes and only advertise my comps on FB. Will try harder lol. I love your blog and your comps. 

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