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We were sent a fantastic set today to engage my boys in creative play. It is like a giant fuzzy felt set, but so much better quality and without the fiddly tiny pieces that you seem to be picking up till the end of time. I love it, as anything that keeps youngest amused long enough for me to do anything without hearing MUMMY every five seconds is miraculous in my mind. Lately my pre-schooler is my new shadow!

There is a wide range of pieces in the pack so plenty to appeal to both boys and girls. With a fiercesome lion, a pretty princess, tons of different vehicles and even a spider wearing shoes, there is plenty of scope for limitless adventures. My two both came up with their own stories.

Eldest: “Dinosaur trying to eat the moon, but he couldn’t reach. The moon flew up to the stars, after the dinosaur jumped on a fire engine he still couldn’t reach, so he jumped up the big tractor but he still couldn’t reach. Then he jumped on to a carriage that was a pumpkin and still could not reach. At the end of the day he went on the rocket, he made it to eat the moon, as the moon was made of cheese!”

Youngest: “Peaches was locked up in a castle, man can’t open it key gone missing, he has to punch the door, spider got shoes on help man punch it. Dinosaur eat door, can’t eat door”

So you can see boys had a lot of fun and really embraced their imaginations (although not sure if I should be concerned about all the violence in the story by my youngest!). This would also make a pleasant change to reading from a book before bed, you could make a story up with the characters, vehicles and animals and it could change every time. So no need to ever get bored with this toy, also perfect for rainy days stuck indoors with rampaging pre-schoolers. The only limit is their imagination!

Create-a-World normally costs £49.95 but you can receive 15% off by entering in the code SLEEP15, you lucky people! This code also works for the ABC add ons set. This would make a really lovely birthday or Christmas present. As it is a set requiring no batteries or complex instructions, just an opportunity for lots of family fun, nice to have a present they can just open the box and get going with. You will be less stressed then on those special occasions as you can leave them to play with this whilst you build the complex tricky toys. Although you might find them so engaged in this, they may well not want for anything else.

You can read more about Whitestep on their website and find more of their inspirational products.

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