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We were sent a Cubby Kit to review; it was a great opportunity to try something new. If you’re not sure where to start with crafts and activities these carefully thought out projects are perfect.



Today I did a Missing Sleep mummy first, I helped make some play dough from scratch, thanks to the clear instructions it was quite manageable too, with everything portioned up ready to use and labelled, even eldest and I could not get it wrong!


We had a space themed box this time, but they keep changing so your children will never tire of the excitement of having their own package arrive in the post (yes it does come addressed to them, which is a nice touch as who doesn’t like receiving something nice in the post!).



The one box covers so much for children to do; there was sticking, gluing, colouring and cooking, with plenty of resources provided to do it all. It is easy to get started, keeping this age range children can be tricky at times with short attention spans but you just open and can start straight away as everything for each activity is nicely packaged in its own brown paper bag!


Youngest was learning more about numbers doing the dot to dot constellation wall chart, so a very educational set and there were also lots of did you know facts. I must say I am very impressed. I also like the helpful hints here and there, like if you want to keep your play dough Mushy Martian you can cook it in the oven for an hour! It is all this care which really helps the box stand out from just buying random crafting supplies yourself. We received the 3-4 year old box but they also do a 5-6 year old one.


Even when the activities are all completed you will have some fantastic artwork of your children’s to treasure and bits and pieces to keep, like for the box we received a scissors, glue spreader, crayons and colouring pencils. My two had a real sense of achievement when they finished and proudly held up their creations for pictures. Youngest did get a bit messy covered in flour, but he does look so happy!

This box was a real life saver as my two have been poorly this weekend and this has really cheered them up! So I would recommend getting some boxes in and hiding them for one of those moments when you just need something, anything… to soothe and focus your children. If you feel your just about to pull out your hair or sit in a corner rocking manically, open and viola quietly attentive children!



A box costs £19.99 or you can sign up to a yearly subscription for £199.99 (meaning you get 2 boxes for free!).

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  1. I love the pics, the boys look so excited and proud of their creations! It's so lovely that one box covers so many activities and that even once they're completed the kids can still enjoy them.

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