The Dog, Cat and Hamster Saga

Dog, Cat and Hamster Saga

We had my parents’ dog overnight she was up to her usual tricks of not particularly liking the cat.  Whilst the cat has just discovered the hamster and camps outside his home tail twitching, watching intently Brownie’s every movement. It was like an episode of Tom and Jerry here!  It really is the dog, cat and hamster saga.

Cat and hamster

Yes bet your lost as Shuffles is no more, don’t worry he hasn’t met some tragic fate he has just been renamed Brownie… am hoping name changing won’t be a regular occurrence, but with my two boys who can tell!

Cleaning the Rotastak Space Command Unit

Hubbie dismantled the Rotastak Space Command Unit with relative ease. It was very handy as Brownie can be left in one compartment whilst you clean the others and then swap him round and clean the last one. A quick and easy process on the whole, took about 15 minutes. But hubbie is a bit of a pro when it comes to building things; I have nominated him as the weekly hamster home cleaner! If he didn’t want the role, he shouldn’t have done such a good job methinks…

We have also discovered a really easy way to catch him when he is in the wheel you can gently take that part off and get to him for extra handling! Last night went exceptional well, no blood loss to either hubbie or myself!

The Byofresh Small Animal Deodorising Wipes made the Unit smell really lovely. I was under the impression they were for the pet, but hubbie says no for the unit. So I settled for hubbies way just in case! My friend said it would be like giving the poor fellow a facial! Just had a proper look at the packet and they are for Brownie himself, we will have a very dapper hamster with a wipe of this…

Discount Code

I have put in my first order with Monster Pet Supplies, am hoping the selection of extra hamster treats we bought will convince Brownie that I am a lot less edible than honeyed banana’s. I used the code WELCOMEBLOGGERS to get my 10% off my first order!

Wish me luck with my dog, cat and hamster saga


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  1. I think your right, but the cat is definately looking with more renewed interest! Maybe a less appetising name would have been a good idea! x

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