Every day I’m shuffling

A heated topic ensued this evening over the name for our new hamster, which we are getting tomorrow.

Youngest suggested Winky, Fraddafodda or haheeho… hmmm bless him!

Eldest wanted Sonic, Knuckles or Tails (am surprised Mario, Toad and Luigi did not also feature!)

Hubbie was being quite hardcore again and it was all Blade, Canon Bolt and Corrosion… (I mean Corrosion come on…)

I wanted Bubble Gum or Pumpkin (I wanted something fluffy and girly given I live in a house filled with boys, even the cats are boys!!!)

Not finding any middle ground we eventually settled on Shuffles. Eldest has a thing for the song by LMFAO “Every day I’m shuffling. Shuffling shuffling” and is partial to a bit of box dancing now and then!

We were very kindly sent a fantastic package including Shuffles new home from the kind people at Monster Pet Supplies and completely unexpected lots of little extras to make our new pet feel very welcome here.

His or her palatial home (the Rotastak Space Command Unit) is ready and built. A full review will follow once Shuffles is settled and I even have a Monster Pet Supplies discount code to share with my fantastic followers, so keep your eyes peeled.

Until then please check out their fantastic blog on the site, for some exclusive competitions, funny posts and very cute animal pictures.

3 thoughts on “Every day I’m shuffling

  1. Didn't they send you all a lovely lot of stuff:) I've just been looking at their site and their prices compare favourably with other sites even without the discount they are offering on their facebook page – I shall be placing a nice order before the new rabbits arrive

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