Grandpa in my Pocket Double DVD Review

Both my boys had a poorly weekend with a sick bug and lots of bouts of coughing, so it was perfect timing for them to review this DVD to take their minds off the germs. The double set includes over 2 hours of lots of episodes for your children to enjoy. Mine were thrilled to add this to their DVD collection, “that’s so silly” and lots of laughter let me know they were having plenty of fun, whilst tucked up and ailing.



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It is good to have an extensive DVD collection, as it’s a great distraction for unwell children. You cannot always guarantee there will be something suitable for them on television that they enjoy. So for a bargain RRP of £7.99 and an award winner (Best Children’s programme award at the Welsh Baftas) to boot you cannot really go wrong with purchasing Grandpa in my Pocket. Plus I find it quite tolerable myself, which helps if they want you to watch it with them!

If you’re not familiar with the programme then it involves the adventures of Jason Mason and his shrinking grandpa. I quite fancy a magical cap for myself… the opportunities would be limitless!



The covers for the double sets also make great “flyers” according to my eldest, who then whizzes about wearing them. So all these double DVD sets I have been reviewing are multifunctional!



Grandpa in my Pocket is available on Amazon for a very agreeable £5.71. You could give it for presents and look extra generous; a gift of a double DVD gives the impression you have spent much more!


You can find out more about Abbey Media on their website.


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I have five copies to give away of these double DVD’s, so you can see how marvellous they are.

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