Green People Organic Children’s Range Review

We were sent three items to review, all with a lovely citrus theme. We had the Citrus & Aloe Vera Shampoo (£7.75), the Citrus & Aloe Vera Bath/Shower Gel (£7.75) and the Mandarin Toothpaste (£3.50).

After using all these products my children smelt so sweet. It really is a pleasant smell and the toothpaste being a different flavour to mint is a HUGE novelty for the boys. It has been a lifesaver for bribing them to get dressed and ready for school and getting ready for bed promptly numerous times already, so they can get to the brushing teeth part!

I definitely recommend keeping a tube or two for emergencies like that… especially as in the eldest school newsletter they were giving the guilt trip about letting the children down and seeing the disappointment in their faces because they do not get to school on time! I just whip out the Mandarin toothpaste and they fall in line quickly, raring to go…

These products are probably more than I would normally spend, but they seem like big bottles because you do not need much with each application… plus I am lucky I have two boys with short hair so will keep us going for ages!!! Also knowing my children are using products that are Organic, natural and very gentle is of great importance, I would gladly pay a little bit more.

You can find out more about Green people including special offers on their website, with free delivery in February there has not been a better time to make an order

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