Gü Puds Review

We were sent a voucher to treat ourselves to some of Gü Puds finest offerings.

We settled after much debate for some of the After Dark Hot Chocolate Soufflés and After Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecakes. I think the After Dark refers to the time you should eat it, when the children have gone to bed, when you can let out an indulgent sigh, put the kettle on and taste a little bit of paradise.

After 7pm when the house is restored to order is quite a heavenly time anyway but to have something decadently gu-ey is that extra bit special. Am I selfish I chose not to share with the children… perhaps, but given they show excitement over pretty much any sweet offering, I thought these belonged to someone who would do them justice! I am much more selective…

Both of these were delicious, I am not normally a Cheesecake fan but oh my word Gü Puds soon changed that! What I also like about Gü puddings are the glass ramekins that you eat from, these can be saved afterwards and kept for a multitude of uses. I remember using one as a pee pot to dip my pregnancy test in when I had nothing to hand and was desperate for my result… you will be pleased to hear I did not use it again, but recycled it!

For £5 we managed to buy 2 packs of the Cheesecakes and 1 pack of the Soufflés. I think given you pay £5 for one single portion of pudding in most restaurants this comes as quite the bargain. So check out your supermarket for the available offers and stock up quickly whilst they are half price (perfect for a romantic valentines!).

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