Halos N Horns Review

We were sent the Toothy Fruity toothpaste and the Baby Moisturising Lotion to review.

The toothpaste RRP: £2.34 proved very popular, because not only does it have a great taste and smell, it is bright red, which the boys thought was quite impressive. Brushing their teeth with this toothpaste was a pleasant experience; youngest did not do his usual trick of running off and dodging my every attempt to encourage brushing. I did not even have to come up with an elaborate tale to get him to open his mouth, usually a goblin is painting his teeth yellow and we have to brush them back to white and whisk the goblin out of there before he gets up to anymore mischief, so was nice just to brush and go for a change.

Great products like these really do make a difference to a tired parent who can only be so creative in their teeth brushing stories, so I am very grateful for Halos N Horns for easing my burden! As a parent I am delighted the toothpaste now also includes fluoride so would be more than happy to purchase this product again, that and because youngest thinks it tastes like jelly, what child doesn’t love jelly!

The Baby Moisturising Lotion RRP: £4.07 was lovely, made the boys skin soft and smooth. I generally do not moisture their skin after baths now they are older but I think they liked the extra pampering treatment. Again this would be a perfect product for a baby shower I plan to host. Halos N Horns avoid using harsh ingredients in their products, so everything is very gentle even for the most sensitive of skin (although Halos N Horns do recommend avoiding all skincare products for the first month of life of your new baby!).

A perfect product to use for to do some baby massage, when my youngest was born the health visitor gave us an informative session about the benefits and using a little bit of this moisturiser would be perfect to compliment the process. Supposedly baby massage helps your baby sleep more at night, what’s not to love about that!

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  1. Oooh I love the Halo n Horns range. They smell so good! Not tried the baby moisturiser yet. Will have to add it to the shopping list!  🙂 x

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