Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Review

My boys absolutely loved this set and demanded to watch both DVD’s back to back. I think everything has a time and a place and film watching is one of them. Given miserable weather I indulged their wish and they snuggled on a sofa each wrapped in blankets watching to their hearts content.


I think Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs has universal appeal, as all children seem to love dinosaurs. This DVD would be at home in either a boy or girls collection.

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I cannot comment on the storyline as I escaped to do chores. But I do know the boys did not stir till all the episodes on both DVD’s had been watched. Not hearing one scream of “its not fair”, “he did that”, “MUMMY!” means I would recommend this set wholeheartedly. For times when the chores just need doing, your children have met their fresh air quota and need some quiet rest and recuperation time this is the DVD.


Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is also another series ideal for teaching valuable lessons like the importance of saying ‘please’. Sometimes with all the full on action of Ben 10 it’s nice to go back to these kinds of programmes, which are calmer and gentle.


Great value at a RRP of £7.99, as a whooping 12 episodes are included in this set. You can even get it from Amazon for £5.99, so at that price its perfect for affordable birthday presents for your childrens friends.


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I have five copies to give away of these double DVD’s, so you can see for yourself how fantastic they are.

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