HiPP Organic Mini Pots Review

We were sent Mini Pots in both of the varieties, ‘Apple and Pear’ and ‘Banana and Peach’.

I was not sure how my two would find these, as it has been a considerable time since we have fed them pureed fruit. Eldest turned his nose up at it, he moved the spoon around and tried and failed to hide his lack of excitement for it. I was hoping they would have been as readily accepted as the Little Nibbles range but unfortunately it was not to be.

Youngest rubbed his tummy (but this is not always a sign of approval he has done this before and then spat the contents out on the floor, such a charmer my youngest!). But then he went on and ate most of his. So one out of two enjoying the pots is something.

I am sure children and babies younger than mine will adore these new pots though, mine went through many pots of something similar when being weaned. I should take credit for making my own food but it would be an outright fib… Plus I never felt too guilty given the quality of the ingredients and being organic to boot!

I like these mini pots, as they are just the right size. Refreshing not having to waste food throwing half used pots in the bin, as 50g of tasty puree is such a manageable portion size even accounting for the bits they manage to get all over the table… The little bit of yoghurt mixed in is also a good idea so babies don’t just get a taste for sweet fruit.

I will try eldest again with some ice cream on the side and see if he comes round but if not youngest will be more than happy to have the rest for himself!

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