HiPP Organic Snacks Review and Competition

We received a selection of snacks to try out on my boys. I do find it difficult to keep coming up with suitable snack ideas for constantly hungry growing boys.



My eldest has not eaten rice cakes since being much younger, so he surprised me as to how enthusiastic he was about them. He chomped them down quite earnestly and asked for more. I shall be re-adding them to my weekly shopping list rather than dismissing them as a snack just for toddlers.



The elephant biscuits went down well too, as did the Little Nibbles (cereal and fruit) bars. Both the plum & apple and peach & apple variants were quite edible even to me… and they must have been good as the boys actually tolerated sitting nicely next to each other for me to take a picture, something which can be quite a rare occurrence in the Missing Sleep household.



I think it is very reassuring to reach for a snack that has no added sugar and is organic when your child is hungry. You can feed these without the guilt of too much chocolate or sweets. Perfect in your handbag for enticing reluctant walkers home from playschool and for warding off potential hungry meltdowns before they happen… whipping out one of these Little Nibbles bars at the right moment might offset you having to later scrap them off the pavement when they are face down wailing about some injustice!!!


Another great mummy sanity saver from HiPP Organic

I have three sets of Little Nibbles Snacks to giveaway to enter kindly fill in rafflecopter.

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