Hubbie and his white flag offerings

I think I should vent about my outrage at being ignored more often!
Hubbie thinks with some outright flattery, home baking (with youngest helping), flowers and chocolate, I will be putty in his hands! Forgetting all the Ssssshhing he told me so he could fully concentrate on speaking to his raid team in World of Warcraft.

I think I have defrosted slightly but a full thaw has not commenced. I am like an Elephant and never forget when it comes to arguments, other things fly out of my brain quicker than Concord ever did. I will stew, I will grumble, I will use it for leverage for a LONG time.

He did say this evening if I gave up blogging he would give up World of Warcraft, I think its just a ploy to look willing and able to detox himself. I nodded encouragingly but I have blogging addiction myself now, I have to get my daily fix… I think I would be a bit lost without it!
So we will both continue to satisfy our habits in our own way, I will just benefit from the guilty bounty that comes my way…

6 thoughts on “Hubbie and his white flag offerings

  1. Lol it's nice to see your hubby in touch with his femine side those fairy cakes are AMAZING. Lol I did chat on email with him and said he prob bought himself a night of non wow nagging but your far to smart for that haha

    Look when the kids go to bed we all need our vices to wind down and have a sence of self me time you blog he kills dragons with 40 other people some watch endless drivel on tv glad to see you two came to a compromise if he annoys you just call him Leeeroooy he will know what this is.

  2. He has cut back to 2 nights a week now, so maybe we could find a game to play together, but I don't fancy dragon slaying… although after a bad day maybe it would be quite therapeutic! x

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