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I was sent a stunning red handbag from the ones available at Izzyboo. I am so impressed with the quality and the style of the bag for a price of £29. I would have thought it would be priced considerably higher. At prices like that even the most sleep deprived, bleary eyed, baby vomit covered mum could be more glamorous. A fancy bag on your arm and your confidence can increase by the bucket load.

I am not sure if I want to share my secret with my friends or keep letting them believe it’s a designer handbag! They are all coveting one. But being the kind of friend I am I think I will point them in the right direction and watch our playdates go up in the chic stakes. It even came with a bag protector to keep it looking perfect, I have never had a bag that warranted its own bag protector but this beauty sure does!

It felt comfortable on my shoulder and it had lots of useful extra zipped pockets inside so you could separate your handbag contents out nicely. I am usually hunting around on my door step for ages before I find my keys, now I will dive into my bag with poise and grace grab the keys and open the door remaining calm and collected at all times…

With mothers day around the corner (18/03/12) I would bookmark the Izzyboo page and hopefully your husband/partner will get a subtle hint and give you a bit of sophistication (and not just a haphazardly created piece of artwork by your children, as much as we love them, a bought present would be appreciated just as much, so please can we have both!). I think you cannot go wrong ordering one for your own mum either, there is quite an extensive range of styles and colours so am sure you would find something they would adore.

If your based around Suffolk you can even have a Izzyboo party (http://www.izzybooaccessories.co.uk/party-plans.php) and get to see all the handbags for yourself before you pick a favourite (or more they really are nice!). The party host even gets to keep a free accessory (which could include one of the amazing handbags how generous is that of Izzyboo). I wish I lived in that area as it would be a welcome change from yet another Body Shop party, which is all we seem to have again and again here! Handbags and you provide cocktails and you’re practically in an episode of Sex in the City!

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  1. I am quite partial to Red too, maybe I should buy some bright red lipstick too, I have been wanting some for ages to complete my look 🙂 x

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