Konfidence Swimming Toys Review

My son and one of his best buddies go swimming once a week. He is coming along really well, as is his friend. I think the addition of some fun toys have really helped too. We were sent 4 of the Floating Blinkies, which cost £1.99 each and 1 of the Quikfinz Floats, which cost £2.99 to review.

At these kinds of prices I think any parent should consider purchasing them to encourage your children in the water. It is a very inexpensive way to engage them, we played lots of fun games, we would throw a blinkie away from us and then my son would sort of half swim and half sink after it… but his technique is definitely improving and I am a very proud mummy!

When they are happy playing children forget their fear of water and increase their Konfidence no end! Learning to swim is an important skill, so anything that can help in any way should be actively encouraged, I spend huge chunks of my time in the pool pretending to be Hook after treasure or escaping from giant crabs to keep my son focused and doing little swims. So nice sometimes to let the Floating Blinkie do the hard work for a change…

The float was good to hold onto but is quite small, but much loved by both the children, who took turns having a go, pushing it and chasing after it.

And after all the fun in the pool you can bring them home and use them in the bath too. The Clown Fish being an instant hit, who does not love little Nemo.

You can find out more about Konfidence on their website.

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2 thoughts on “Konfidence Swimming Toys Review

  1. these look great, and good price too. Swimming is our favourite activity – been going with my little boy every week since he was 6 weeks old, and now he's 12 months. He adores the water, gets so excited 🙂

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