Learn time easily with Circa

My boys have such a variety of toys, its hard to rack my brain to come up with new ideas that they don’t have a variation of already!

But I quite like the sound of the Circa an innovative educational toy calendar designed to help children understand the cycles of the calendar using the toy’s rotating and circular stacking design. Anything that helps with teaching our children can only be a good thing.

My eldest is slightly hooked on computer games (I don’t mind them being used some of the time though!), so anything new and a bit interesting will I am sure help coax him off computer games and with inquisitive eyes lit up be engaged by this. Every toy has its place and this one would be welcomed with open arms I am sure!

Melinda, mummy inventor of Circa, has been recognised with the following awards:

· Top Drawer September 2011: Best New Children’s Product

· Rainbow Toy Awards 2011: Highly Commended – Wooden Toy Category

· British Female Inventors and Innovators Network (BFIIN) Awards: Winner – Inventors Award, Semi-Finals 2011

· Highly Commended award for “Toys that Help Communication” at the Talking Tots Toy Awards 2011

Although once these two learn a concept of time, which I am sure they would quickly with this beauty, I will be hounded with only so long till my birthday, Christmas, Easter… still I think its worth it when we impress the grandparents with their new skills!

You can find out more about them http://www.circacalendar.com/

One thought on “Learn time easily with Circa

  1. This might help make the process easier, but knowing you, you will probably come up with something amazing of your own, but for the uncreative like me, this is perfect 🙂 x

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