Magic Choc Review

We were sent a pack of this to review from find me a, Magic Choc is one of the products I have been meaning to try for ages so we are very glad we have finally had a chance. I did wonder if it would be a bit of a novelty but it was surprisingly good fun.

The pack contains an Antibacterial hand wipe to ensure good hygiene, after all children and some adults can be quite grotty at times and seeing as you plan on eating your creation its nice to know it does not come complete with a side order of germs!

There was plenty of chocolate in the pack for us all to have a try at modelling something. Hubbie found it quite easy to mould but I found it trickier. Youngest spent the entire time asking, “Can I eat it?” “Can I have it now?” “MUMMY can I eat it”… so I can see why they rate it 4+, to help save parents sanity!

Eldest was very proud helping daddy; he was good at rolling out little balls for the wheels etc. So he seemed to manage handling the flexible chocolate. I obviously need to up my spinach intake and beef up! Pleasantly the chocolate does not melt all over your hands and into a sticky mess, it was all a nice and tidy process, which is always helpful when you live on the edge of chaos!

The chocolate tastes remarkably nice, the dark one especially. I could happily eat a whole bar of that. The white I was not so impressed by, but the boys wolfed all of their creations with no complaints.

The pack is currently on offer at £3.99 on find me a, so I could not think of a better time to purchase one. If like me you have been curious to give it a try, you definitely should your children will have lots of fun and you can serve it up for pudding afterwards! It was the right enticement to get them both to eat tonight’s beef casserole…

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  1. This is a lovely idea and perfect for any child and adult who loves chocolate 🙂 such a good thing to play with on a rainy day x

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