Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Review

I volunteered myself for a spot of hair product reviewing, then found out it was for products designed for thinning hair. I promptly decided to re-allocate hubbie to review as he was best placed to test these.

For once I think he was grateful to be able to slope off and enjoy a hot shower in peace whilst I entertained the children, even if it does mean I am labelling him as someone in need of hair growth. But his crown is starting to show the strains of the passage of time, as much as my knees are starting to creak… We have hit our thirties and our steady decline. With products like this we can fight back!

From the small samples we received he did not receive miraculous hair growth, but he did feel some definite thickening. So I think if you did stick with these products you might notice an improvement in your hair condition and thickness. Hubbie liked the smell, he called it “old timey”, but I just thought it was unassuming and subtle. His hair felt nice afterwards, clean and soft, not heavy with product. The Weekly mask you do need to leave on your hair for 10 minutes, which hubbie found rather a long time as he is used to fast showers on the go, but he said it’s a good length of time for having a shave whilst you wait.

The products are fairly pricey but I am sure considerably cheaper than investing in a realistic toupee or in regular trips to the barber to shave it all off, so at least worth a try if your receding. They also have a range for Women too, my hair is actually quite thick and in relatively good condition, unlike my joints. But useful to know just in case!

Available to buy from Boots.

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