The Party

The birthday was an overwhelming success; the entertainer was on form and had the children attentive and engaged. Youngest was awarded a medal, a lollipop and a chocolate bunny for his prowess in magic and his friends all had the opportunity to help out too. At the end the entertainer gave the children balloon creations to take home. Each one something the children picked themselves. My two had ornate King Arthur swords, but there were horses, racing cars and hats in abundance. Not sure how pleased parents were taking their kids home equipped with stuffed party bags and an assortment of balloons tucked under each arm.

I know we took longer than normal to fill the car. But I would definitely recommend an entertainer; it took the stress out of thinking of ways to keep the children occupied. I also did not have to buy lots of prizes for those games, so if you discount the money I saved there it seems more affordable!

The Lion cake was a success, although had a funny moment when my friend who was helping me tried to light the spaghetti whiskers thinking they were also candles. Luckily no one had to endure burnt pasta smell!

Although when I came to do the big clean today, was too exhausted yesterday I found out hubbie had managed to block our kitchen sink… I am not obsessive about cleaning by any measure but I was getting stressed about the giant pile of dishes that needed my immediate attention and no hope of unblocking the sink. Fortunately my dad, bless him, came to the rescue. With a combination of soda crystals, brute force, hopeful plunging and then taking apart everything and starting again, I once again had a functioning sink! To my dad I salute you!!! Whatever age we are we still very much need our parents.

9 thoughts on “The Party

  1. Looks like a fab party! We went to one with an entertainer as well and even I had a good laugh because the entertainer was so funny!

    That cake looks fab! Sphaghetti whiskers is inspiring lol! Good you didnt burned them πŸ˜‰ x

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