Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt Review

Today we took the boys to see the new Peppa Pig show in Llandudno. I must admit I did think they would struggle to top the performance of Peppa Pig’s Party back in 2010, but top it they did. I think it was even more interactive this time. They engaged all the children from the very beginning to the end, getting everyone to help with songs and look for treasure.

The highlight for my boys was definitely seeing George crying real tears into the audience, he had quite a range and I think many of those in the front few rows got squirted! I really liked the rock pool section, when the stage was in complete darkness except for a selection of sea creatures dancing happily across. The crab especially seemed to go down well with everyone. But the starfish with built in lights were certainly attention grabbing too.

The show managed to incorporate all of the vehicles featured in Peppa Pig, which pleased hubbie and eldest. We had a hot air balloon, boat, train, bus and of course the little red car.

This show was a pleasure to sit through, as my two made no fuss, youngest sat really well and watched attentively. He also did a token bit of dancing near his seat, much like the rest of the youngsters in attendance! Parents did not appear fraught or stressed, all seemed to be enjoying some much welcomed peace and quiet with happy preoccupied children!

If you have yet to go to a Peppa Pig show you must, even if it’s just to have a good giggle at hearing the squeaky voices of the very talented actors holding the fantastic characters from the show…

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