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Something I love is my children, dearly, completely with all my heart. The best moments are when the two boys choose to get along, to truly bond long enough to at least be captured forever by a photo! Those moments have been few and far between, with a relatively close age gap, youngest was quite jealous and did not welcome our new arrival as well as we hoped, many a time he tried to bash him with particularly heavy books… but as time has gone on they have learnt to accept and really love each other! Now it’s the youngest’s behaviour that can be at trying at times, but seeing them playing together, cuddling or just being kind (eldest has been poorly and youngest brought him his sick bucket and his drinks when he needed them) melts my heart.

So this photo is for them, as much as they drive me potty at times, they are and will always be my world. This picture is quite old now but it tickled me at the time how often eldest used to drive around with his brother sat in the back of the tractor.

4 thoughts on “Photo of Something I Love

  1. lol it definately got played alot with although they did have trouble turning round as our house isn't big enough for a tractor even a toy one 🙂 x

  2. Glad it was not just us then, I was worried maybe I just approached introducing a sibling all wrong… so good not to have been alone in that! x

  3. The photo is very nice. Love the wall! Ha, ha! That's a good idea to let them get on with it. You can paint it when they grow up.
    @maisietoo / Maya Russell

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