Pig Goes Pop Review

This is one of the toys we saw advertised just before Christmas but although the boys seemed keen I was not convinced. Well that soon changed, having had the opportunity to review this game, I can see my doubts were completely unfounded.

It is a great little game, really engaged both the boys, the youngest could play it with help (he is almost 3), just letting him know how many times to push down on the pigs head when it was his turn. He was actually stronger than the eldest, who either knew to not push as hard, as he didn’t want the pig to pop on his turn or just hadn’t eaten enough Weetabix to find the strength to do it!

That was the only problem we had a couple of times the pig didn’t pop because we had not been forceful enough, but once you know how strong the little fellow is you do get the knack. Also his tummy does not pop just his chef jacket opens out, but my boys seemed pleased with this. If burgers exploded out of his tummy everywhere it might have been too reminiscent of the Alien films… I too am quite happy with this version!

Very easy to start playing and no batteries required both huge bonuses for me. Sometimes I end up with my mind all boggled trying to follow complicated game instructions, whilst my two run rings around me. This game is perfectly simple, which is the best type for this age range, yet still teaching them colours and numbers as you feed the pig and then push down to inflate his tummy!

The highlight for the eldest is the deflating at the end; he really enjoyed that part and would happily set up the game for the next go each time. Again relatively simple, quick deflate, empty burgers, re-strap belt on jacket, arms back down and away you go again.

My boys played it about thirty times the day it arrived and have played it consistently since. A big hit here!

The RRP is £16.99 and it is considered suitable for ages 4+ but I was quite happy for my almost 3 year old to play supervised. You can also watch a video of the game play on their website and see for yourself how much fun it can be, but the Missing Sleep household would definitely recommend this game.

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