Purple Ronnie brightens up Valentine’s Day

I just wanted to introduce you to a fun charity partnership between UNICEF and Dulux. In this house Valentines is a bit hit or miss, am not entirely sure I will get anything, sometimes we bother sometimes we don’t. We love each other (alongside the odd argument!) all year round so it really depends on our mood at the time!

But seeing as it’s most unlikely I will be writing something vaguely romantic for Valentines (unless of course youngest gets anything off his many lady friends!) I thought I would share this with my followers.

Romantic rhyming favourite, Purple Ronnie, is creating a series of one-off poems for loved-ones this Valentine’s Day, to accompany a very special gift – your very own colour.

A world first, men and women will be able to gift their loved-ones an actual colour for them to own, through Facebook.com/OwnAColour, for a minimum donation of £1 – an initiative in aid of UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organisation.

The gift of colour, accompanied by a unique Purple Ronnie poem, will be available from 8th February – for those who are organised – until Valentine’s Day itself – for those not so organised – and provides a special solution for all those Valentine’s Day gifting dilemmas, whilst also contributing to a great cause.

The limited-edition poem, in Purple Ronnie’s iconic cheeky style, will appear on your loved-ones Facebook wall on the 14th February, along with a link for them to pick and name their colour of choice.

With Own A Colour, your Valentine will be the exclusive owner of one of the 16.7 million colours that the average computer, smartphone or tablet can display.

To Own A Colour, and for more information, visit: Facebook.com/OwnAColour

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