Rotastak Space Command Unit Review

Am now sporting a plaster, which overhangs one of my fingertips so typing is interesting! But Shuffles decided to take a bite out of my finger, which bled profusely everywhere…

Aside from my minor injury he seems very sweet.

Eldest loved getting to have a closer look at him last night. But it comes as no surprise he nipped me I mean would you be happy to leave your home if it looked like this…

Monster Pets have truly spoilt our new addition, with his fancy new home and his extra treats. I think it has gone to his head and he has decided he is the boss of the house!

The Rotastak Space Command Unit is a fantastic piece of kit for the discerning hamster. Shuffles can now feel like the lord of the manor with heaps of freedom to uncover and explore, the huge tunnel system is great as it is like their natural environment of burrows in the wild (aside from being fluorescent yellow but that is great as Shuffles is more space cadet than minimalist!). The Unit comes complete with wheel, water bottle and bowl so I do think you get a lot of value for your £47.18, if you compared how much all those items would cost you separately.

Building the masterpiece did take 40 minutes but that was the addition of a very “helpful” toddler and an excitable older brother.

At more than one point they were both taking it in turns wearing the top of the Space Command Unit as a hat!!! Doing it unaided it would probably been much faster.

The drawback of this enclosure is that if your pet is located anywhere but the large first floor it may be tricky to get him out. I see this as an advantage as owning two cats, I do not want it to be so easy that the youngest will decide to let Shuffles out when I am in another room. As I know the cats would be keen on a hamster snack given half a chance and we would all be sad then. If you do not have residing felines then you can rearrange the system to your liking, as it seems quite flexible, you could probably add them all on one level with some creative thinking, making the matter of hamster catching more achievable.

The cleaning of Shuffles home will feature after the event occurs next Thursday, to see how manageable it is but I must say I am very impressed with this Unit and would so far recommend it whole heartedly.

Monster Pet Supplies seem the most friendly and sincere pet company I have had the pleasure to deal with. I have had many pets over the years (hubbie was under the impression we were thinning the ranks but the boys like pets!) and dealt with many different companies but they seem to go that little bit extra and take a genuine interest in the happiness of your pet.

I will definitely be choosing them for future pet related purchases I need to make especially with the discount code for my first order. You see the lovely people at Monster Pet Supplies have given me the promotional code WELCOMEBLOGGERS for ALL my followers to use. The terms and conditions state that 10% off is the first order only from the Monster Pet Supplies website Can be used once per customer and expires 21/07/2012. See for our full terms & conditions.

If anyone has any hamster taming tips my sore finger would gladly appreciate them!

4 thoughts on “Rotastak Space Command Unit Review

  1. that looks like great fun – shame about your finger though. Did you wash your hands before trying to pick him up as he may have thought your finger was food if it smelt tasty 🙂

  2. I will try washing them extra well then just incase when I handle him tonight 🙂 I don't want to be a hamster snack 🙂 x

  3. Thanks for the review, am thinking of getting a hamster but need to know the cleanability so will wait for future results.

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